what I'm currently working on

A now page summarizes what a person is currently focused on, i.e., what “you’d tell a friend you hadn’t seen in a year”.

Last updated: February 25th, 2024, from a hotel in Linz, Austria

current interests

  • dissertation: I started writing up my dissertation. Writing this 300-page book about my research while juggling all the other work is hard and tedious.
  • video content: I have 100+ video ideas ready to be realized. The challenge will be to select the best ones and to find time to actually work on at least some of them.
  • more DIY: I started 3D printing half a year ago and still found no time to properly learn modeling. Also, I want to make more DIY stuff.
  • experimenting more: I’m very interested in experimenting more, from research to web video, and daily life stuff. Tom Scott excellently described this feeling of being done with a successful project in a recent video: “[I want to do] projects that are experimental and weird and might fail. Because I miss doing stuff like that. […] This isn’t getting the views is it? Yeah. Okay. That’s fine. This project has worked, and it’s time to move on.”

open questions

  • I wonder about the actual impact my research will have. Of course, it’s only engineering methods research. Nevertheless, my ideas have already been adopted by the community.
  • How to employ more practical strategies to reduce stress in my daily work and not killing the goose? In the last months, I approached the remainder of my dissertation like a sprint and not like a marathon, which was the wrong approach, obviously. I have to define clear constraints.
  • How to have fun while creating great videos? How to overcome Van Neistat’s theory: “The amount of focus needed to complete a worthwhile project tends to take the fun out of said project”?