Sebastian Hahner


TL;DR: I am a researcher at KIT Karlsruhe. I’m web video creator since 2010. I studied computer science, I stream live while coding, I love playing around with new technologies, and I sometimes make metal music on and offstage.

I uploaded 4000+ videos that were viewed ~60 million times, I lead many open-source software projects, and I host the German podcast while(true) since 2018. I co-authored 25+ peer-reviewed publications, many of which were published at high-ranked venues including ICSE, SEAMS, ICSA, and ECSA. You can find what I’m currently up to on my now-page or read the full story. Don’t forget to say Hi! via mail or using the platform of your choice.

relevant videos

Warum ich mich gegen YouTube entscheide... A video about my decision against a career as full time YouTuber and for pursuing a doctoral degree at the university (german).
Ein Tag als Doktorand Two years into my dissertation, I gave a talk about my motivation to join the university and about my life as a researcher (german).
Zuschauer steuern mein Studio! - Programmieren mit Nanoleafs An example for a promotional video that combines live coding, new technologies, and showcasing a DIY programming project (german).
28 Stunden coden ohne Schlaf (freiwillig!) A documentation of a 28h hackathon, a competition where developers come up with new ideas and implement them from scratch (german).

A Best-Of my videos is available on YouTube.

interesting publications

  1. Detecting Automatic Software Plagiarism via Token Sequence Normalization
    Timur Sağlam, Moritz Brödel, Larissa Schmid, and Sebastian Hahner
    In 2024 IEEE/ACM 46th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE ’24), 2024
    accepted, to appear
  2. Architecture-Based Uncertainty Impact Analysis to Ensure Confidentiality
    Sebastian Hahner, Robert Heinrich, and Ralf Reussner
    In 2023 IEEE/ACM 18th Symposium on Software Engineering for Adaptive and Self-Managing Systems (SEAMS), 2023
  3. A Classification of Software-Architectural Uncertainty Regarding Confidentiality
    Sebastian Hahner, Stephan Seifermann, Robert Heinrich, and Ralf Reussner
    In E-Business and Telecommunications, 2023

You can find a complete list of my publications here or on Google Scholar.