Sebastian Hahner


TL;DR: I am a researcher at KIT Karlsruhe. I’m web video creator since 2010. I studied computer science, I stream live while coding, I love playing around with new technologies, and I sometimes make metal music on and offstage.

You can find what I’m currently up to on my now-page or read the full story. Head over to my publications and my current projects to learn more about my work. Don’t forget to say Hi! via mail or using the platform of your choice.

relevant videos

Warum ich mich gegen YouTube entscheide... A video about my decision against a career as full time YouTuber and for pursuing a doctoral degree at the university (german).
Ein Tag als Doktorand Two years into my dissertation, I gave a talk about my motivation to join the university and about my life as a researcher (german).
Zuschauer steuern mein Studio! - Programmieren mit Nanoleafs An example for a promotional video that combines live coding, new technologies, and showcasing a DIY programming project (german).
28 Stunden coden ohne Schlaf (freiwillig!) A documentation of a 28h hackathon, a competition where developers come up with new ideas and implement them from scratch (german).

A Best-Of my videos is available on YouTube.

interesting publications

  1. Detecting Automatic Software Plagiarism via Token Sequence Normalization
    Timur Sağlam, Moritz Brödel, Larissa Schmid, and Sebastian Hahner
    In 2024 IEEE/ACM 46th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE ’24), 2024
    accepted, to appear
  2. Architecture-Based Uncertainty Impact Analysis to Ensure Confidentiality
    Sebastian Hahner, Robert Heinrich, and Ralf Reussner
    In 2023 IEEE/ACM 18th Symposium on Software Engineering for Adaptive and Self-Managing Systems (SEAMS), 2023
  3. A Classification of Software-Architectural Uncertainty Regarding Confidentiality
    Sebastian Hahner, Stephan Seifermann, Robert Heinrich, and Ralf Reussner
    In E-Business and Telecommunications, 2023

You can find a complete list of my publications here or on Google Scholar.